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7 DAYS-A-WEEK, 9am - 7pm

Our Farm Stand operates on the Honor System and your honesty and support are what keep us open... Thank you!

All applicable taxes are included in sale prices.

We are not available to make change so small bills are recommended.

SMILE! You are being recorded as you shop!  Our farm stand is locked during non-business hours.


We accept U.S. Cash, Local Checks and Venmo as payment at our Farm Stand and at our U-Pick area.


We only accept credit/debit cards during summer markets and some special events. We do not accept Canadian or any other foreign currency.



We opened our small, original farm stand in 2018 as a way for us to sell our first crops of berries and fresh eggs to our community as we started our farming adventure. Over the years it has evolved and grown into a full fledge business all its own!

We are proud to have become a “must stop” location for visitors to the Birch Bay area as well as a constant source for our local community.


In season you'll find berries, sweet corn, pumpkins, along with eggs and flowers. Seasonally you will find a selection of curated foods and gifts, many from small businesses in our area.


Like something you see? We suggest grabbing it! Our selection is constantly changing as we learn what our customers like, try new things and navigate the availability of products in our area.

Some might be surprised to see that we operate on the Honor System. As a small family operating a farm, as well as working full-time jobs, we find this works best for us. 99% of our customers are honest people who have embraced and supported our business and we thank them, and you, for your honesty when you shop here at Home Farm.


The Farm is our Home as well as our Business. We thank you for your courtesy when you are here and ask that you drive SLOWLY for the safety of our patrons as well as the many free range animals and children who reside here.


Non-Service animals are not allowed at our Farm Stand or on the Farm. Please consider leaving your pets at home as we do not have shaded parking. We love animals but require this for the safety of your pets, our pets, livestock, and crops.

Service animals must wear identifying vests (no exceptions). Please contact a staff member upon arrival or call ahead so we can easily accomodate you. We ask this as we have multiple dogs who live on the farm that are off-leash and they will need to be contained. 

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