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2024 U-PICK


U-Pick Blueberries / mid July - September

U-Pick Sweet Corn /  August - September (availability may vary)

U-Pick Sunflowers / late July - September

U-Pick Pumpkins and Squash / October


We no longer grow red or yellow raspberries, currants or any u-pick vegetables. 


All dates are subject to change based on weather and planting condition. Please check our daily calendar for hours and availability.


During the growing season our u-pick offerings can be found "ready to purchase" at our Honor System Farm Stand.

Our 2024 crops are garlic, blueberries, sweet corn, sunflowers, pumpkins, squash and potatoes.

We accept U.S. Cash, Local Checks and Venmo as payment at our Farm Stand and at our U-Pick area.

We only accept credit/debit cards during summer markets and some special events. We do not accept Canadian or any other foreign currency.
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