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Thanks for your interest in purchasing a forest raised hog from Home Farm.


Our hogs have access to over 5 acres of forested land where they roam, root, eat, play, stay cool and live a life that is free of cages and confinement. In the fall our hogs get a special treat by enjoying the leftovers of the season as we turn them out into our corn and pumpkin fields. In turn they help us by rooting up the soil and leaving us some great fertilizer.


Our hogs are treated with kindness and compassion and we do everything possible to offer them a stress-free life while they are in our care.


We strive to provide high quality feed options to our hogs and do not feed them commercial grains. Instead, we partner with local food producers to keep thousands of pounds of overstocked and expired fruits, vegetables and grains from heading to our landfills. In addition to being beneficial to our environment this also produces excellent quality meat. 


There is a huge difference between local, ethically raised pork products and the meat you buy from the grocery store. It’s a proven fact that well treated hogs taste better. Stress hormones affect the taste, color and texture of meat, so doing right by these animals makes a huge difference in the end product.


With meat prices rising consider filling your freezer with our high quality pork at an exceptional price. 


If you would like more information about purchasing a half or whole hog share from us please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with all the details.


I just wanted to tell you and Dan how much we are enjoying our pork - my goodness it’s delicious! My daughter said tonight while devouring a pork chop “why haven’t we been getting this our whole lives?!”  I had intentions of raising my own pigs next year or the year after but we may just keep coming back to you as I’m not sure I could do nearly as well  Thanks so much!!
~ A.H.

We are currently taking deposits for 2023 Hog Shares

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